My first scrape

eScraper is a Windows/macOS application that extracts data from any site and provides an eCommerce-friendly .csv or Excel file. The file is ready to be imported into WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, or any other store. Get all the information you need including dynamic content from drop-down lists, “show more” sections, check-boxes, and others.

In the first Wizard, you can select if you want to Create a new configuration or Import the previously saved one

To Create your first configuration, you will have to fill in the data in the following tabs:

  1. General

  2. Scenario

  3. Filter

  4. Page Identifier

  5. Merge

  6. Reliability

  7. Proxy

Now you can see the General tab that contains the main settings, like the name of the site that you want to get the data from and configuration name