The Scenario tab allows selecting the data that you want to scrape - the Product Name, Product Description, SKU/Reference, Product Image, Price, Variations, etc.

Follow these steps to start the setup:

If you selected to scrap from the URL, the link that you entered in the General tab will be automatically filled. If you want to check the other URL/product, you may enter the other URL there and click Refresh to see the product page. Note, that if you want to scrape the whole site, in this step you will have to enter the URL to a specific product to be able to add the fields that you want to scrape

In order to add a field (Title, Description, etc.), click to Inspect, and click on the product Name - the XML code for the Name is highlighted. On the right section, use the right-mouse click to Copy the XPath

Now click on the [+] button and select the Extract Field.

Under the Add button, you can see the following options: 

In the Extract Field window, Select the export type, specify the Field Name (if needed) and insert the code that you copied instead of the  [=== ENTER XPATH HERE ===]

For example, how to add the Name:

You can add all the necessary fields in the same way.

Add / Delete / Preview scenario

Add - to add a new field

Delete - delete the fields that were previously added

Play scenario - run the preview to see the result of the scrapping. If some data was not scrapped correctly, select the field and edit the settings

The play scenario allows to see the result of the scrapping. Do not forget to click on Save.

If the result looks correct, you can proceed with a Full scrape and check the result. When the scrapping process is in progress, you can [Stop], [Pause], or [Edit scrape configuration] 

If you run the scrape a few times, you will get the confirmation notification

Click [No] to start from the begining or [Yes] to continue the previous scrape

On the Top menu, you can find the Navigation buttons

Hide the left-side menu

Exit to Settings page. Here you can find the list of previously saved configurations 

Save the latest changes and stay on the Edit page

Save changes and leave to the Settings page

Run the scraper that you setup and check the result

Once the process is finished, you can save the result to the file