Installation and registration


IMPORTANT: eScraper software is a Windows application, so it should be installed on your computer.

If you haven’t already downloaded the product, you should use the download link in your order confirmation e-mail or request a free trial.

The Setup wizard will guide you through all software installation steps, summarized below:

  • Accept License Agreement

  • Select Destination Location (You can select your own place for the software to use suggested by default)

  • Choose which components should be installed - all (full installation is recommended); compact; or custom

  • Select Start Menu folder (where to place program shortcuts)

  • Select additional tasks (optional)

The Wizard will inform you, upon successful installation of the product.

If you install the application for the first time, you will get the Winows notification

We are working on adding the product to the whitelisted product now. In order to complete the installation, please click on More Info and click the Run anyway button

After that, the installation Wizard will start the process. Simply click to the Next button to proceed

On the next page, you will see the License agreement, please read it before you tick the 'I accept the agreement' to be able to go to the Next step

You can select the custom installation folder or proceed with a default installation path

The program will create a shortcuts in the Start Menu Folder

You can also check the option to create a desktop icon

Here you can see the previously selected options. Now the application is ready to continue the installation process

After the installation, you will see the Completing Wizard. Once you click the Finish button, you are ready to get started

In the first Window, you can select to Create a new configuration or Import the previously saved

When you click the Create button, you will see the Settings page

Product Activation

Once you are done with the installation, you will be asked to provide license data to register an application.

Specify your License Number (it is stated in your trial registration and order confirmation emails).