Page Identifier

Product page Identifier

  • Use product page identifier to check if the page contains product data - is checked by default

  • Product branch starts from - here we have to set the code that identifies the product page. Usually, the <body is used. If you need to scrape the data that is outside the body (for example the category path), use the <html

  • Product branch must contain - here you have to set the class/node, that is used for the products data only. For example, class="productHeadline visible-xs", or set the field that contains the SKU or Reference.

  • Product branch must also contain - you can use the additional identifiers if needed, for example for the description (id="description")

  • Exclude product if branch contains - you can exclude the products by specific parameters, for example, ignore the products with the Sale price, variations, etc. You can specify here the node and the product will be ignored