How to upload settings, run scrape and save the file

In order to run your first scrape with the configuration we have provided please follow few steps:

  1. Download eScraper software. In case you have installed one already please skip this step.

    Trial version of the software can be downloaded from the website -
    Note: Trial version has limitations. You can run up to 1 thread and you can save up to 100 rows/products into file.

    Full version of the software can be downloaded using the link from the order confirmation email, please make sure to register the software with the full license key that you get after the purchase. For that go to Help - Register. This way you will not have any limitations.

  2. Upload the configuration settings you already have. For that please use Import configuration and you will see newly created configuration in the list.
    In case you do not have any yet, please go to My first scrape section of this documentation for details.

  3. Run scrape. For that select the configuration from the list on the left panel and press run button.
    You will see the progress. Wait till the progress ends or press stop button. In the logs you will see how many pages were scraped and how many products/rows were scraped. In case at least one product/row was scraped, you can save the file.

  4. Save the results into file. Please make sure to specify the folder where you will be able to find the result file. If you are not sure which to use, please use desktop.

  5. Check the result. Open the file and check if the data is available there. It is a good idea to scroll down and check if all required data is available. If some data is missing, check the original URL where the product is scraped from to see if the data is available there.

Repeat the operation as many times as you need and enjoy the product.

In case any questions occur, contact us via email and we will gladly assist you.